Achieve success at each step of your educational journey.


Achieve success at each step of your educational journey.


We mentor and guide our clients through every step of the process, from planning, to application review, to CASPer® training, to interview preparation, and beyond graduation. We are there to provide support to our clients throughout their academic journey towards their chosen career path.


Profile Enhancing
Academic Planning


Personal Statement
Autobiographical Sketch
Resume/CV/Cover Letter


Simulated CASPer® Tests
Preparatory  Courses
Scoring and Coaching


Multiple Mini Interview
Panel/Traditional Interview
Other Interview Formats

Astroff cares about your success.

We want to help you achieve your dreams. All of our services and products were created with your success in mind. Astroff takes your education as seriously as you do.  And when you succeed, we celebrate your accomplishment.

We invest in you because we want you to succeed.

Astroff guides you every step of the way.

The academic journey from application to admission is extremely challenging and competitive.  Astroff walks with you every step of the way. Our unique process makes each stage more focused and prepares you for the road ahead.

We are here to help.

Astroff offers world-class coaching.

We are able to attract individuals with world-class credentials to coach you on your journey.  They have a proven track record in the industry and know the process inside and out. This ensures you always get the best advice.

We offer real world experience and valuable insights.

Astroff provides incredible support.

We understand the process of attaining your career goal is inherently stressful.  We are here to reduce stress.  We are passionate about delivering an amazing experience, while at the same time maximizing your chances of admission.  This is why we provide dedicated support.  Call us when you need us, when you feel nervous, or when you have a question. 

We reduce the stress and increase your confidence.


Toronto Star
National Post

I'll be going to Yale Medical School in August! Thanks so much for all your help and support.

Admission: Yale University

Reach your potential. Achieve new heights.

Partner with Astroff to achieve your academic goals. We're here to maximize your potential and help you reach your dreams.

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