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How to ensure you never miss a valuable email from Astroff.

Thanks for contacting Astroff!  We look forward to reading your emails.  And we hope that you enjoy the content of our emails.

But that won’t happen if you don’t actually get our emails!

So please take a minute to make sure you get ALL of our messages.

Check your SPAM folder and settings.

Every email application has set parameters to mark suspicious incoming email as SPAM. Checking your SPAM folder or adjusting the settings (allowing emails marked Astroff to go through) will ensure you receive the updates. 

Create an important filter for Astroff.

Email apps also provide the user with the ability to control what content is seen and where. You can mark or flag emails from Astroff as important. For more information on how to do this step, use the help feature from your email app to learn more.

Save your favorite emails to find them later.

Life gets busy! To make sure you don't overlook or delete important updates from Astroff, you can save your emails to read later. Most apps have a feature where you can mark saved messages and come back to later on.